Thursday, October 16, 2008

What's next for Quin?

I have been incredibly fortunate during my career and I can say that I have very few regrets. From Tallan (including Carmax, ValueAmerica, & On2) to Interwoven to JBoss/RedHat to Appcelerator it has been an amazing ride. However, today I am pondering my next move. As some of you may have heard Appcelerator has recently decided to close the Atlanta office so I am soon to be unemployed.

I am looking for a senior technical management or evangelism position in the Atlanta area with a maximum of 25% travel. I have a home office now so I can work from home if necessary. I haven't gotten around to revising my resume yet (do people still bother?) but my work history can be found on linked in. If you know of any good opportunities for me please send me an email (matt-at-quinlan-dot-net) or tweet me. If you have already given me a job lead, my sincerest thanks.


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Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the Appcelerator gig coming to an end, but I'll keep my ears to the ground and forward you anything I hear about in Atlanta!