Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Decided to top my January great scare performance this weekend.

A few of you may have heard that I have had a recent health scare.  If you read my prior post in January you learned about my PSC diagnosis and the challenges of liver transplantation.

This months edition will dip back over 2 decades ago when I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease.  In 1991 it was bit generally well known and there was no world wide web yet to learn about it.  It's an inflammatory bowel disease that can range from mild to terrifying.  Over the part few weeks I took that accelerated journey.

It started with a colangitis attack (liver infection) about 3 weeks back.  I took a well of antibiotics (yes, finishing entire bottle).  One of the dangers of antibiotics is a new infection that springs up right after the antibiotics stop...it s call "c diff" and it is incredibly dangerous.  I developed a c diff infection but didn't realize it for over a week (was traveling in California).  On Friday I got home to Atlanta and went to the doctor who confirmed her cdiff diagnosis over the weekend and got me started on new antibiotics.  Unfortunately, they didn't work in time and on Sunday night my colon perforated spilling the contents off my bowls into my abdomen.  On a pain scale of 1-10 this is a twelve.  I couldn't breath and thought I might suffocate.  It was 3 am and Kristen quickly got me to the e.r. where we waited in line (not patiently, but we waited).  I finally saw a doctor about 60 -90 minutes later and was told I needed surgery immediately.  Monday morning the removed my colon and have me a illeostomy bag that hangs from my abdomen.  Today I managed to get internet access and get my breathing tube removed.  It's still painful to talk much, but comments and email is welcome....but the single best thing you can do for me is fill this out.


Thank you and I will add health updates here so that you don't have to learn by word of mouth. 

For those of you who dig scars here you go.  The loop goes around my belly button.