Tuesday, October 21, 2008

AjaxWorld - San Jose 2008

For the past week I have been laser focused on preparing for my presentation at AjaxWorld on rapid prototypting for rich internet applications. I always seem to underestimate the amount of effort it takes to build a really compelling presentation and therefore I always end up making tweaks up until the very last minute. Maybe I'm just never satisfied and believe that it could be just a little bit better. Lucky for me it seemed to work.

The presentation generated an amazing response. About 50 people came up to me during the conference telling me how much they enjoyed the presentation and that I had crystalized their challenges and provided an interesting solution simultaneously. The Appcelerator booth was overwhelmed by people wanting to learn more about our technology. Personally, it's incredibly satisfying when you realize that you've really made a connection with your audience.

Later in the evening I was able to participate in a panel discussion about "The Future of Rich Media and Content Across All Four Screens". At first I had no idea what the concept of "four screens" meant. They are (supposedly) : the theater, the TV, the computer, and the phone/handheld. Each representing their own experience and their own idiosynchrasies. At the end the question was posed "Would your recommend Computer Science as a degree to your child?" Initially I simply answered "no" and tried to leave it at that with no explanation (b/c it was kind of humorous) but when pressed I passionately argued that <rant> computer science curriculums have NOT kept up with the pace of innovation happening in the software world and that our CS students would be MUCH better served learning SQL than learning RS/JK edge-trigged flip-flops.</rant>

Overall, I've really enjoyed the conference so far.

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