Friday, May 23, 2008

Carson & Kristen Update

It's late friday night and Kristen is asleep in her hospital bed as I type this. We have been living in a hospital room together since Tuesday morning and we are both anxious to get home to be with our other son, Evan. Kristen has been weaned from the epidural and is managing her pain with percocet (sp?) and Motrin. She is hoping to be released sometime Sunday.

While we are anxious to get home, I must admit that we have enjoyed being this close to Carson (his hospital is directly across the street). I've been over there three times today alone. Carson's health continues to improve daily. He is still on a breathing tube because his lungs haven't developed completely yet. Because of this he remains under sedation so we really don't get to interact with him much. However, tonight for the first time we actually saw him open his eyes for just a moment. I could swear that he smiled when he saw his mother for the first time. The respiratory therapist has given Carson a surfactant and some steroids to accelerate his lung development with hopes of removing the breathing tube on Saturday. No word yet on when he might be released, but I'll post an update as soon as we know.

Carson is 80 hours old now. May he never have any as difficult as his first five.

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Very Good and Carson is a great name!