Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Back to the Hospital

Uncomfortable would be a kind word to describe Kristen's state over the past couple weeks since being released from the hospital. She's spent most of that time on the couch or in the recliner watching Tivo or surfing the internet to learn more about EA/TEF. Yesterday the term uncomfortable gave way to painful as Kristen's contractions became more frequent and intense.

This morning at 3am kristen was awoken by her contractions and she spent the next few hours documenting of the frequency (every 5-7 mins) and then called the doctor. We have been here at the hospital since about 7am and I'm writing this while Kristen tries to get a nap. She has been given multiple injections to slow down her contractions which have slowed to about every 7-8 minutes but at about half the prior intensity. They plan to check her out after dinner to determine if we can come home tonight or not.

Kristen was just checked and apparently her cervix is still closed (or almost closed) which is a good sign. I'll post another update either tonight or tomorrow depending on what happens.

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